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Are you writing a grant to the National Science Foundation and looking for ideas to fulfill the Broad Impact Requirements of the RFP?  Are you in search of contacts in the community and K-12 schools?  Are you a K-12 teacher looking for summer professional development opportunities?  Are you looking to expand your experience and network with others?  Here are the servies Bridges provides. Contact us or submit your opportunity.


Services to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and teacher education faculty

  1. Provide partnership links to K-12 community.
  2. Partnership in grants to provide broader impact component through student outreach, professional development curriculum design and assessment.
  3. Partnership in developing relationships with K-12 community such as science competition, science and math fairs, teacher training, special events, and education conferences.

Services to K-12 community

  1. Point of contact for teachers and administrators to contact the university for professional development partnerships and technical assistance.
  2. Single point of contact for discussion of collaborative projects and grant partnerships.
  3. Access to undergraduate and graduate students and faculty as mentors, speakers and as content resources.